Painful toenails can be everything from a nuisance to an infection risk, depending on the underlying problem causing them. Pain can stem from injury, poor cutting, footwear, the shape of the nail or a combination of all these factors. The worst-case scenario is a wound caused by an in-growing toenail; this is an infection risk and often requires a minor surgery to resolve it.

When Amelia developed pain in the sides of her toenails, she recognised this could become a serious problem, potentially preventing her from competing in her chosen sport of ‘POM’. Pom is a discipline that combines dance and gymnastics; some of us also know it as ‘Cheerleading’. 

Amelia became interested in the sport in 2015 when she started Cheerleading. In 2019 she started dancing, and then in 2021 a friend spotted an article on Facebook about Team England POM and suggested it would be something she might be good at. Her friend’s prediction proved to be very accurate as Amelia was successful at audition and is now a member of the highly successful York based ‘Fantasy Cheer and Dance Team’, and with them has represented England in the USA championships on a number of occasions. Amelia started in the sport as a ‘flyer’ being lifted and thrown as part of the routine and has progressed to become a senior member of the team. She now coaches younger club members who are also winning competitions under her mentorship. In April 2023 Amelia flew to the USA with her team Fantasy Cheer and Dance, to compete and represent England in the championships where they came third place!

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Amelia chose York Podiatry Ltd to find out more about her painful nail problem. Sue Parris, our Clinical Development Lead assessed and treated Amelia, reassuring her that her problem was more to do with shoe choice than a nail pathology. Sue was able to re-shape the nail sides to reduce the risk of skin trauma that might go on to result in an onychocryptosis (ingrowing toenail). She advised Amelia about the type of footwear to use to avoid further problems and keep her feet in their current healthy condition so Amelia can continue to compete.

York Podiatry Ltd is proud to support successful young athletes such as Amelia by providing assessments, treatment and advice to keep their feet healthy and safe while they train and compete. Our team of experienced clinicians are available for consultation Monday to Friday in our York and Selby branches. 

It is really important that children and young people have access to professional foot health advice and care. We often think of Podiatrists (Chiropodists) providing foot care services to our aging population, and perhaps with the exception of verrucas, sometimes forget that children and young people can also be affected by foot health problems. Our team here at York Podiatry can not only advise and treat painful nail problems, but also help with maintaining healthy nails and skin and perform nail surgery. We can also assess children’s gait (the way they walk) to investigate and treat pain in the foot or lower limb”  Rebecca Hargreaves, Managing Director of York Podiatry Ltd

Image supplied with permission for use from Amelia.