Biomechanics Assessment

Is your foot pain affecting your daily routine? Rely on the podiatrists at York Podiatry Ltd to assess your feet and lower limbs using our expertise and knowledge. Let us help you find out the cause of your foot pain and develop a suitable treatment plan.

Assessment for foot and ankle pain

At York Podiatry Ltd, we provide complete biomechanical assessments to help determine the causes of your foot and/or lower limb problems.

There can be many causes of ankle, knee, foot or heel pain. Our team can help you find the cause of any discomfort and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan. This may include custom orthotics, exercise regimes, stretching and footwear advice and modifications.

We will examine the major joint complexes and musculature of your foot, ankle, knee and hip and your sitting, standing and walking posture.

We use state-of-the-art pressure plate technology to assist us in your diagnosis. The process involves you walking or running over a special pressure plate which will record a variety of metrics we are unable to see with the naked eye. It highlights how pressures move through your feet, areas of high pressure and those susceptible to overload and injury.

We use this same technology to produce 3D printed fully bespoke orthotic devices.

Biomechanics in York and Selby

Biomechanical misalignment or imbalance in your lower limbs can cause multiple problems including:

  • Foot pain (eg metatarsalgia)
  • Plantar fascia or heel pain
  • Lower leg or shin pain (eg shin splints)
  • Calf or tendon pain
  • Upper leg pain
  • Hip and back pain
  • Bunions and other toe deformities (eg hammer toes)

Schedule an assessment with York Podiatry Ltd

Biomechanical assessment is an hour appointment where our podiatrist will assess the mechanics of your feet and lower limbs.

We carry out the assessment when we feel the need for further intervention to help with the diagnosis of your symptoms.

Once the assessment is complete, we can begin treatment which may include orthotics, exercises and in some cases onward referral to other healthcare specialists.

Bespoke orthotics for your feet

Orthotics or insoles have a range of applications; from providing cushioning to your feet to helping place your foot in an anatomically corrected position while walking or running.

These devices can help relieve foot pain and other foot and leg conditions.

Our podiatrists can design insoles to meet your personal specifications.

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