Nail Surgery

Nail surgery offers a long term/permanent solution to ingrowing, painful, damaged and infected toenails.

Following consultation and assessment with one of our Podiatrists we can arrange for surgery to be performed in either of our clinics in York or Selby.

We use local anaesthetic to numb your toe so you will feel no pain during the procedure. We will remove the problematic section of nail, or if required the whole nail and then use a chemical (Phenol) to cauterise the cells that make the nail to stop it from re-growing.

We will see you for re-dressings throughout your recovery period and have the benefit of state of the art Laser therapy, which we will apply at your re-dressing appointments to help speed up the rate of healing, helping you return to your normal activities much quicker.

You will also be supplied with a dressing pack and given instructions allowing you to re-dress your toe at home, in-between visits.

Not sure if you require nail surgery?

Don’t hesitate to contact us contact us to discuss.

The most common reasons we may perform nail surgery include:

  • An in-growing toenail;
  • A painful involuted nail (deeply curved);
  • Damaged/thickened nails (usually as a result of trauma);
  • Fungal nails (in order to effectively treat the skin infection).

Any of the above may also present with localised infection which may require treatment with antibiotics before any surgery can commence.