Our Patient Experience

Here at YPL we pride ourselves on the experience and value we deliver to all.

Our new patient journey supports our patients to gain a thorough understanding of their lower limb health. The development of a tailor-made treatment plan at your initial appointment allows the journey to better foot health begin!

It is important to visit a podiatrist on a regular basis to get your feet checked, especially if you are diabetic. At YPL, we provide regular foot health checks as part of your ongoing treatment plan with us. In line with good clinical practice any patient previously registered with us but has not been seen for 12 months or more should have their foot health re-evaluated.

Our New Patient Experience

The new patient appointment is a first contact appointment and the first time you will meet with one of our Podiatrists. It is a time for information sharing and gathering. The purpose of the appointment is to ensure that you are on the most effective treatment plan for your foot health needs and we want to make your journey the best it can be.


What we will need:

A full and detailed history of the presenting complaint, foot pain or problem. This history take will include, if relevant:
  • Activity levels at work that might impact on foot pain;
  • Activity levels out of work such as dog walking, sports or hobbies that might impact on foot pain;
  • History of previous injuries if relevant;
  • History of previous interventions;
  • A full medical history will be taken including any medical conditions past or present, allergies, injuries or surgical procedures.
  • A full list of all medication should be brought for the Podiatrist to see.

What we will do:

The Podiatrist will then carry out a number of simple tests to assess the overall health of your feet, this may include:
  • Vascular assessment of the feet including Doppler assessment of pulses;
  • Checking for any neurological deficit within the foot (and lower leg);
  • Gait and Motion pressure mat assessment of static foot pressure and balance (if the Podiatrists feels this is required);
  • Assessment of small joints of the foot;
  • Assessment of skin and nail health.

If appropriate, treatment of your skin and nail problems will be carried out at this initial appointment.

You will be advised of the most appropriate follow up for your condition and an outline of your treatment plan will be given. You may be started on some rehabilitation exercises on the day of your assessment.

Not sure if you require the services of a Podiatrist?

Give us a call and speak to one of our administration team who do their upmost to obtain the right information for you and advise on next steps.